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Santa Fe’s Only Exclusive Permanent Cosmetics MediSpa. Microblade Brows, Ombre & Powder Effect Brows. Glamoreyes Eyeliner, Lip Blushing & Shape Enhancement. Removal & Corrective Artistry. Smile Sparkles Tooth Gems, and Microneedling Advanced Skin Rejuvenation. Lip Augmentation, Evanese Facial Sculpting & Wrinkle Filler, Fibroblast Plasma Skin Tightening & Lifting.

Always Natural Enhancement. Elegance & Class.





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Permanent Cosmetics

A Permanent Cosmetic and Corrective Artistry Practice.

Always Natural Enhancement. Elegance & Class.

Microblade, Powder & Ombre Brows. Eyeliner and Lash Enhancement. Lip Blushing & Liner. Lip Augmentation, Facial Sculpting. Microneedling & Tattoo Removal . We use only the finest equipment and products, for results that are Flawless. We are State Certified & Licensed, following the highest standards of practice.

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Our Services

HD Henna Brows with Brow Sculpting

1 hour @ $49.00

PMU retouch 18-36 months

2 hr | $275

PMU retouch 12 – 18 months

2 hr | $225

Permanent Eyeliner RETOUCH

1 hr | Free


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If you want to have glowing confidence and radiate beauty, microblade eyebrows is for you. If you are tired of uneven brows, sparse brows, thin brows, misshapen brows or crooked brows, then YES, microblading eyebrows is for you.

The idea of having great brows and eyes, or lips and cheeks, for that matter, is not new. Historically, we have enhanced facial attributes using makeup products like lipstick, eyeliner, and brow liner. Permanent Solutions are not new, but they continue to get our attention from time to time. At the moment, full, lush brows are all the rage and we are consistently consulting with clients about how to obtain lasting enhancement with permanent makeup.

Aside from providing beautiful, natural-looking enhancement, permanent eyebrow, lip blushing and eyeliner makeup  can also address specific concerns, ranging from medical conditions to convenience.

Permanent Makeup Can:

  • Reduce the effects of medical conditions. Permanent eyebrows may be created for people who have alopecia or whose hair has been affected by chemotherapy. Over plucking in the 80’s? Oh YES! we all did it, didn’t we?
  • Reduce spending on cosmetics. If your brows are always on point, you have no need to purchase the latest pencils, gels, and brushes. If you also select permanent makeup for forever eyeliner or lip pigments, your savings increase.
  • Give yourself the gift of time. Let’s face it, we haven’t all been bestowed the gift of makeup application. Permanent makeup can leave you with nothing more than the task of cleansing, moisturizing, and possibly applying a bit of shadow to your lids, saving you time and unnecessary frustration.


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IN HONOR OF MY SISTER DIANE CHAMBERS – the fiercest ninja I know! , Flawless is introducing the “I AM MY SISTERS KEEPER AWARD” Each month we will provide a complimentary brow makeover to celebrate and honor a fierce and powerful survivor of cancer. If you wish to be considered please message me for your private consultation. Sisters, please share to your circle if you have a warrior princess who might be lifted with a special treatment to honor her bravery. (Consultation is to determine health considerations prior to treatment and any possible contraindications)
In gratitude for my sister,
Jules xoxo


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